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Now Booking Library Programs for 2024

Celebrating ten years of Pinto Bella Hoop programming for Libraries!


What started as a simple hula hoop party at the Burlington Public Library in Massachusetts quickly evolved into an all-ages, interactive, educational movement program that has visited over 30 states!


Katie Pinto is a movement artist, musician, fire performer, visual artist, and educator. 

Nomadic at heart, she travels the country (ocassionally the world) to share her love of movement and the way it can transform the health of individuals and community.


Learning: a side effect of having fun

From private lessons to multigenerational library programs, the approach is the same. We are going to have some fun, and in doing so, we're going to learn some things about our selves and how we interact with our world.


Library Programing

Interactive, educational hula hoop programs for all ages!

The Pinto Bella Hoops library program starts with an introduction to various sizes and types of hula hoops,  how they are used for exercise and physical therapy, and how they have evolved in dance and performance.  Then, after a brief demonstration, instruction, and performance, the participants get to try hula hooping themselves!


The event closes with a final performance featuring multi-hoop tricks (outdoor performances) or LED hoops (indoor performances).

For young audiences I also start the program with a book about a young person using courage to try something new, and with older groups I feature more focused instruction for higher level tricks.

Program Length: 55 minutes (adaptable too location needs)

Audience: All Ages (can be focused to specific age group)

Insured Performer

Hula Hoops and music provided

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